Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Again more villains for the red flag show. *see below. Above is a morph of Mr. Clean and Destro from G.I. JOE. Couldn't resist using both of their famous shiny heads as one.

Mr. Destro(2010)
marker, card stock $25

Cobra Commander tips his forty oz. of King Cobra in memory of all his dead homies.
(2010) paint marker, sharpie, on card stock. Part of the villain series on display at the Red Flag bar located 344 NE 28th ave Portland, OR. On dislpay for the whole month of November. come on by then and have a few beers, and slowly convince yourself that you want to buy some of my art as you get drunk.

Look what the cat drug in(2010)

Acrylic paint, paint marker, on card stock. $25

Here is yet another piece for the show at the Red Flag show in Portland.
Titled: I want your snacks, I need your snacks.
Acrylic, spray paint, paint marker, sharpie. mounted onto a small store bought canvas. $50

These three paintings/drawings were on display at The Artichoke gallery and Collective's third show. For more info on Artichoke: also special thanks to Hunter Wolf Lydon for photographing my work. check out his website:

1.)Hulk Moo Moo(2010)-acrylic paint, paint markers $40

2.) I'm Thinkin' Arbitrary(2010) . marker,paper, yeah that's it. SOLD

3.)Porn Trooper(2010) Acrylic paint, paint marker, sharpie. $40

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another drawing for the upcoming show at the Red Flag, in Portland, OR. This drawing features Merman (of He-man fame) sexually assaulting Disney's The Little Mermaid. The upcoming show which will be on display for the entire month of November 2010. Also a much anticipated performance by the band Two Men and a Little Baby is due to be scheduled. Cross your fingers though kiddies The Red Flag has not had a live band there to date, so some strings may have to be pulled. Hope to see you all there.
Slimer(Ghost Busters) giving Casper the Friendly Ghost a noogie. A drawing for an upcoming show at the Red Flag bar in Portland, OR. Most pieces in this show include popular villains from 1980's video games, cartoons, and movies.