Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another flyer for my band Team Neeson, that myself and Dave Neeson created together. A disgusting mix match of pop culture icons that I found myself drawing over and over in my youth. For the flyer we decided to mash them(Bart Simpson, Garfield, and a Ninja Turtle) all together for one big horrible punk rock flyer. Images and modified fonts by me, layout, and failure status copy job by: Dave Neeson.
Here's a longboard designed by Jason Turulli, that I painted on for a longboard show in Akron, Ohio(2006? or 2007)

sculptures 2006-2007. Kinetic elements, wood, found objects

Another older piece.
rhino/bear rain cloud. sold. acrylic, varnish on wood panel. 2005
belongs to the private collection of Rachel Jernigan in Akron, Ohio.

These little gems are old too but I had to put them on here. kool-aid man Ohio and Wizard creating pizza. both sold, and currently residing in New York city.2005-2006.


A painting I've made a million times, but it keeps selling so I can't stop being a business man!
This particular version was made in about 2005-2006. Sold. It now lives in New York city.

infinite ounces of totally awesome(2007)

Just digging through some older photos that never made it on here. This painting was made in 2007-2008. I found this giant canvas (about 3ft by 5ft or so) with a unfinished work on it, so I chose to paint this over it. This piece has been sold.